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We’re redefining Digital
Pathology, on your terms.

Over last two decades, Digital Pathology has gotten a bad rap: too expensive, disjointed software, cumbersome scanners, heavy IT
implementation. We're here to let you know, we're fixing that. OptraSCAN On-Demand Digital Pathology® is an affordable, unique model
that allows research and clinical users to choose the options they need, and only pay for what they use.

About Us

OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Scanners.

Desktop scanning for brightfield, fluorescence, confocal and frozen sections applications.

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Turnkey Digital Pathology Solutions.

Cloud-enabled image management and reporting, image analysis, telepathology and LIMS

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Why On-Demand Digital Pathology?

On-Demand Digital Pathology is affordable and can be leased on an annual basis or purchased outright

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Real-life Applications

  • Choose from several clinically validated IHC algorithms, tailor-made for Breast, Prostate,
    Brain and Renal tissues
  • OptraSCAN's On-Demand Digital Pathology facilitates BioPharma reseach with the help of our Fluorescence scanner
    as well as OptraASSAYS™ Image Analysis
  • By using OptraSCAN® OS-FS Frozen Sections Scanner in the surgical suite can save time, efforts of visiting pathologists
    as well as hospital costs
  • With OptraSCAN's On-Demand Digital Pathology, you can easily bridge the expert opinion gap between urban and rural areas,
    as well as between advanced and emerging economies

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At OptraSCAN, we promote innovation, learning, growth and exploration. Seeking new and better ways of doing things is a part of Optra's mission, so it means being surrounded by promising, sharp minds to help you leverage your strengths through new and exciting projects.

We are consistently looking for professionals with all levels of experience across industry verticals.

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