Isha Doshi

Product Manager


Isha is a professional Product Manager with extensive experience in product marketing, product introduction, and the overall management of a product's life cycle from conception to fruition.

At OptraSCAN, Isha is strongly involved in assessing customer desires, requirements and generating solutions that successfully meet those standards. She brings on board, great skills including the ability to determine product specifications, production timelines, and in depth plans for product development. She is an analytical thinker and team player who works collaboratively to get the job done.

Isha works with majority of the stakeholders, and cross-functional teams including, product development, marketing, sales, legal, global distributors, subject matter experts, and customers.

Prior to joining OptraSCAN, she worked as a Biomedical Product Specialist and later, as an interim Account Manager at Canyon Vista Medical Center, in Sierra Vista, AZ.

Isha holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University.