OptraSCAN Presents Automated Machine Learning-based Image Analysis for Programmed Death-Ligand 1 (PD-L1) Expression

San Jose, CA, October 23rd, 2018 — OptraSCAN®, the leading end-to-end digital pathology solution provider announced automated machine learning-based image analysis solution for Programmed Death Ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression. PD-L1 expression is an important cancer biomarker and has become a critical part of patient management for immunotherapy. The targeted blockade of PD-L1 may help to restore the anti-tumor response.

OptraSCAN’s Solution for Immuno-oncology

Optra PD-L1 automated image analysis for research use, supports interpretation of PD-L1 IHC expression on both tumor and immune cells in solid tumors. It determines PD-L1 expression on tumor and immune cells showing partial or complete membrane staining on tumor cells along with membrane and/or cytoplasmic staining on immune cells in a single read. It is reliable and can be used to assess PD- L1 expression in a more objective manner.

“Recent studies have shown that interpretation of PD-L1 IHC score is more reproducible for tumor cell staining, but not for immune cell staining. OptraSCAN’s AI & ML based analytics tool provides a possible approach in overcoming these challenges for assessment of programmed death-ligand 1 expression on tumor and immune cells in a more objective manner as an assisting tool for the pathologist,” said Dr. Anagha Jadhav, Director – Digital Pathology, OptraSCAN®.

General considerations by the PD-L1 assay:

  • Fully automated solution for interpretation of PD-L1 IHC expression
  • Score generation based on the number of PD-L1 positive cells in relation to total tumor and immune cells in a single read
  • Computer aided region detection system for automated detection and evaluation of tumor nests and tumor infiltrating immune cells

About OptraSCAN®:

OptraSCAN® (www.optrascan.com) is an end-to-end digital pathology solution provider, focused on delivering fully integrated, affordable solutions that will maximize your return on investment and improve the performance of your pathology services. OptraSCAN® are pioneers in the On-Demand Digital Pathology® System and is working to eliminate the barriers to “Go Digital” no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput or global location.

OptraSCAN’s end-to-end solution provides effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, sharing, reporting, analysis and management of digital slides and associated metadata, via On-Demand solution or outright purchase model. OptraSCAN is an ISO 13485 certified company and its whole slide scanners are CE marked for IVD use. Follow Us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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