OptraSCAN to Demonstrate Its PD-L1 Workbench Using AI Toolsets in Forthcoming Webinar

 San Jose, California, April, 20th, 2020 – OptraSCAN® , the leading On-Demand Digital Pathology solution provider will be demonstrating its patented PD-L1 companion research workbench using an Automated AI Toolset through a free webinar on 23rdApril 2020. This webinar will showcase its PD-L1 automated image analysis approach to generate separate scores for interpretation of PD-L1 IHC expression on both tumor and immune cells without the need of multiple biomarkers for immune cells in the same tissue section in a single read. The attendees will get an overview of the complete PD-L1 solution to digitize, index, quantify and corelate.

OptraSCAN’s PD-L1 Companion Research Toolset is developed to assist pathologists with an aided scoring tool to enhance their efficiency, accuracy and reproducibility of pathologic analysis. This is an intelligent digital pathology solution which comprises of digitization of glass slide, indexing, analyzing and collaborating on a single platform. This solution aims to overcome challenges and limitations by performing intelligent interpretations through contextual literature that cannot be gathered by the busy researcher.


 Pathologists interested in learning more about the solution can register for the webinar free at -https://bit.ly/3csx2lR

 Discussion Points:

  • Challenges of PD-L1 evaluation and scoring in immune effector cells
  • Demonstration of PD-L1 immunohistochemistry scoring using the OptraSCAN® scanner and simultaneous AI-based toolset
  • OptraSCANS’s patented fully automated solution for interpretation of PD-L1 IHC expression
  • Score generation based on the number of PD-L1 positive cells concerning total tumor and immune cells in a single read
  • Computer-aided region detection system for automated detection and evaluation of tumor nests and tumor-infiltrating immune cells

 The Webinar Would Be Presented By:

  • Dr. Clive Taylor, Consulting CMO, OptraSCAN
  • Isha Doshi, Product Manager, OptraSCAN

 About OptraSCAN, Inc:

OptraSCAN® are pioneers in the On-Demand Digital Pathology® System, focused on delivering fully integrated, affordable solutions that will maximize your return on investment and improve the performance of your pathology services. An ISO 13485 certified company and CE marked whole slide scanners for IVD use, OptraSCAN is working to eliminate the barriers to “Go Digital” no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput or global location.

OptraSCAN’s end-to-end digital pathology solution provides effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, real time sharing, reporting and AI & ML based Image analysis solutions via On-Demand or outright purchase model. Follow Us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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