March 1, 2017

OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Expands its Advisory Board
Strategic advisors join OptraSCAN to broaden reach into molecular pathology, immunology and biomarker development market segments

SUNNYVALE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)—OptraSCAN, Inc. today announced the appointment of four new members to its Advisory Board, including Dr. Michael C. Montalto of Bristol-Myer Squibb, Dr. Jiaoti Huang of Duke University, Dr. Allen Gown of PhenoPath Laboratories and Dr. Abul Abbas of University of California, San Francisco.

OptraSCAN will be exhibiting at the upcoming USCAP Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX, March 4-10 at booth #513.

Dr. Michael C. Montalto, PhD, is the Executive Director and Head of Translational Pathology and Biomarker Sciences in Translational Medicine at Bristol-Myer Squibb. Prior to this role, Dr. Montalto was a co-founder and executive of Omnyx, LLC, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that commercialized diagnostic pathology imaging and software products through GE Healthcare. He has patented and published on novel digital pathology-based multiplexing technology (MultiOmyx™, Clarient/Neogenomics) for oncology biomarker discovery.

Dr. Jiaoti Huang, MD, PhD, is Professor and Chairman of Department of Pathology, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University, as well as a member of the Duke Cancer Institute. His research laboratory is a leader in studying neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer and molecular pathogenesis of prostatic small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. Dr. Huang has published 200 research papers, review articles and book chapters.

Dr. Allen Gown, MD, is Medical Director and Chief Pathologist at PhenoPath Laboratories. Dr. Gown founded PhenoPath, which has grown to become an internationally renowned specialty pathology reference laboratory. He is a pathologist-scientist recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the diagnostic and research applications of IHC. He has developed numerous clinically important monoclonal antibodies employed in IHC laboratories around the world (HMB-45, OSCAR, etc.).

Dr. Abul Abbas, MD, is Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology, University of California San Francisco. His laboratory has used experimental models to analyze the generation and maintenance of regulatory T cells. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and invited reviews, and is the author of four widely read textbooks, two in Immunology and two in Pathology.

Dr. David L. Rimm, MD, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Pathology at Yale University School of Medicine, and has been a member of the OptraSCAN Advisory Board since 2016. Dr. Rimm’s lab group (15 researchers) focuses on quantitative pathology using the AQUA® technology invented in his lab with projects related to predicting response to therapy in breast cancer and predicting recurrence or metastasis in melanoma and lung cancer.

“We are delighted to have such a diverse and distinguished team of pathology thought leaders joining our Advisory Board,” said Abhi Gholap, Founder and CEO of OptraSCAN. “We will be working closely with our advisors to broaden the reach of our On-Demand Digital Pathology solutions and enter new markets where molecular pathology, immunology and biomarker development are integral components to advancing cancer research.”

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About OptraSCAN, Inc.
OptraSCAN ( for research-use-only, is the first On-Demand Digital Pathology system to provide a comprehensive, affordable end-to-end Digital Pathology solution for both low volume and high-throughput users. OptraSCAN serves as a perfect tool for the transition from conventional microscopy to Digital Pathology for the effective acquisition of Whole Slide images, viewing, sharing, analysis and management of digital slides and associated metadata. The On-Demand solutions include a small-footprint, high and low throughput WSI scanner OptraSCANTM, an integrated image viewer and image management system ImagePathTM and telepathology TELEPathTM, image analysis OptraASSAYSTM and CARDSTM (computer aided region detection system), as well as 10 TB of complimentary cloud storage. Focused on delivering fully integrated Digital Pathology solutions that maximize quality, efficiency and throughput of its customer’s pathology lab (at minimized cost), paired with a complementary Whole Slide image scanner and viewer—OptraSCAN provides a complete Whole Slide Image solution system via an On-Demand pay-per-use program. Follow OptraSCAN on Linkedin and Twitter.

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