Oct 05, 2017

OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Launches Live View Mode, Frozen Sections Scanner at CAP 2017, as part of its On-Demand Model
Hospital networks utilizing OptraSCAN’s Frozen Sections Scanners with Live View Mode can enable real-time, remote pathology review and communication back to the surgical suite for more efficient protocol

Visit OptraSCAN at CAP 2017 booth #310

SUNNYVALE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)—OptraSCAN announced today it has launched a Frozen Sections Whole Slide Imaging Scanner with Live View Mode to relieve pathologist travel and lengthy waiting times facing hospital networks performing frozen sections biopsies and fine needle aspirations.

OptraSCAN is exhibiting at the OptraSCAN is exhibiting its new Frozen Sections Scanner (OS-FS) at next week’s CAP 2017 at booth #310.

The small footprint OS-FS Frozen Sections WSI scanner with Live View Mode will enable pathologists and hospital networks to work together seamlessly to turn around pathology reviews remotely, in less time. Surgeons and patients will have reduced waiting periods as pathologists will be able to review a frozen sections specimen or fine needle aspiration (FNA) instantly using OptraSCAN’s OS-FS Live View Mode feature.

‘Live View Mode’ feature of OS-FS Frozen Sections Scanner from OptraSCAN

“The fact that digital pathology allows pathologists to function across multiple locations with greater efficiency, is a key driver for its increasing use in pathology departments worldwide,” said Dr. Clive Taylor, Chief Medical Officer, OptraSCAN. “This acceptance is well seen in the frozen section arena where diagnostic service and expert consultation can be provided remotely, increasing speed of diagnosis and improving accuracy, by bringing the necessary expertise to bear at multiple sites of service need. The growth of digital diagnosis in primary diagnosis surely will follow in time.”

“Analysis of frozen sections requires immediate availability of a pathologist. Because the demands for frozen sections are unpredictable, any place where this critical procedure is performed will normally need to have at least one pathologist on call all the time,” says Medical Advisor Dr. Jioati Huang, Pathology Chair, Duke University School of Medicine. “This may be too much personnel commitment for a smaller hospital or clinic that otherwise do not have enough work to justify the positions. With digital pathology technology such as the OptraSCAN OS-FS Scanner with Live View Mode, frozen sections can be performed where the OR is while the analysis can be made by a pathologist at a remote location. The time and travel savings will make a huge impact on hospital networks.”

The OS-FS scanner is equipped to handle seven ‘wet’ slides and can be viewed remotely through its cloud-enabled Live View Mode feature that displays a live image up to 40x, without the need for being a slide to be scanned. Pathologists can view an ROI or the whole slide image instantly, while having the ability to control the panning, zooming and annotating of the image. The pathologist can also save ROI’s and annotations for reporting.

About OptraSCAN, Inc.
OptraSCAN (www.optrascan.com) RUO, is the first On-Demand Digital Pathology System to serves as a perfect tool for the transition from conventional microscopy to Digital Pathology for the effective acquisition of Whole Slide images, viewing, storing, sharing, consulting, analysis and management of digital slides and associated metadata.

OptraSCAN On-Demand solutions include a small-footprint, high and low throughput WSI scanner OptraSCANTM (for brightfield, fluorescent and frozen section/live view mode), an integrated image viewer and image management system ImagePathTM and telepathology TELEPathTM, image analysis OptraASSAYSTM and CARDSTM (computer aided region detection system), and includes up to 10 TB of complimentary cloud storage. Focused on delivering fully integrated, affordable Digital Pathology solutions, OptraSCAN provides a complete whole slide image solution system via an On-Demand pay-per-use model.
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