OptraScan’s Z-Stack

And Extended Depth Of Field Volume Scan Solution For Cytology

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Multiplanar/Multilayer Scan:

Conventional scan routines within a narrow focal range has limitations for Cytology smear slides, as cytology slides have three-dimensional cell groups. This complex multilayer distribution of cells requires multi-layer/multiplanar scanning - a critical component for morphologic analysis for cytopathologists. OptraSCAN’s volume scan routine provides a dual mode for scanning and viewing cytology smears; Z – stacking and extended depth focusing algorithm.

  1. Z-Stacking Technology:
    A stack of images is generated at different focal planes along the z- axis. The viewing software enables the user to navigate, zoom up and down the different planes to detect the three-dimensional regions in focus.
  2. Extended Depth Of Field:
    Volume scan using z-stacks is expensive in terms of scan time and size due to its multilayer nature. OptraSCAN’s extended depth of field algorithm generates a single, entirely focused composite image to effectively, easily and systematically screen an entire image.


  1. Relatively smaller file size than multiplane images.
  2. Quicker to acquire.
  3. Effective and easy navigation for accurate interpretation, sharing and archiving.

Features Of Optrascan’s Volume Scanning Technology:

  1. Fully automated multilayer scanning at different focal depths.
  2. Automated and User configurable focal intervals for Z stacking
  3. Ideal for Rapid On-site evaluation for adequacy of cytology samples (Rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE)

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For North America, CytoSiA is for Research Use Only

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