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OptraSCAN’s Membrane Biomarker Analysis

For Assessment Of Membrane Biomarker Analysis

OptraSCAN’s Membrane Algorithm


OptraSCAN’s Membrane Algorithm detects complete/partial membrane positivity on individual cells at any intensity. The algorithm operates on regions of interest and whole slide images on a single click and quantifies the scores for membrane biomarker expression.

Precise And Rapid

The algorithm can be easily fine-tuned through exposed parameters opened for user interaction. Configurable parameters for the input image to be analyzed includes cell area, shape, and stain intensity to account for subtle variations in membrane positivity and hematoxylin counterstain and due to reagent choice or slide preparation.

Easy to Identify and Classify Tumor Cells

Cell identification and classification is based on intensity and morphological features. The Cell is validated as tumor cell based on their spatial analysis. Cells are classified based on the intensity and completeness of membrane staining.

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Features of OptraSCAN’s Membrane Biomarker Algorithm

  • Provides powerful stain separation (dimensionality reduction approach) and membrane detection algorithm.
  • The membrane pixels are validated using unique stroke detection algorithm. This approach removes background/residual and/or cytoplasmic staining.
  • Provides accurate and detailed score generation.
  • Whole slide and region of interest analysis feature with accurate and detailed score generation.