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Our Mission Is To Improve Patient Outcomes With Digital Pathology Solutions That Are Affordable And Easy To Implement

OptraSCAN® is eliminating the barriers to adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab's throughput or location. Our affordable and easy to implement solutions will maximize your return on investment. OptraSCAN will be your trusted partner to help improve the performance of your pathology services.

Why OptraSCAN?

OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Scanners

OptraSCAN® desktop scanning systems are cloud-enabled to provide the ultimate flexibility for storing, archiving and managing digital images and metadata on pay-per-use pricing model.

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Digital Pathology Scanner And Solutions-OptraSCAN Inc
Digital Pathology Software

Integrated Accompanying Software

Cloud-enabled image management and reporting, image analysis, real-time digital conferencing

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OS-SiA, World’s First AI-Enabled Scanner

OS-SiA scanner is a next-gen smart scanner, driven by artificial intelligence and deep learning concept.

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Whole Slide Image Scanner- Why On-Demand Digital Pathology?

On-Demand TELEPath®, Affordable Digital Pathology Solution

Cloud-based telepathology solution for image generation, viewing, sharing, multi-site collaboration & quick reporting.

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