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Telepathology Solution for Digital Pathology

An Integrated Network Solution Making Digital Pathology More Collaborative Than Ever

Telepathology has gained significant momentum by enabling remote viewing and interpretation of highly specialized pathology services. However, the demand for telepathology solutions has doubled globally in recent times due to shortage of trained morphologists (histopathologists and cytopathologists), lack of sub-specialty expertise, and long turn-around times for histocytopathology reporting.

To facilitate a better collaborative digital pathology experience, OptraSCAN® has introduced ‘On-Demand TELEPath®’, a cloud-based, comprehensive telepathology solution for image generation, viewing, sharing, multi-site collaboration and quick reporting.

About On-Demand TELEPath® :

OptraSCAN’s On-Demand TELEPath® is an affordable, unique automated pathology solution that provides the pathologist community much-needed flexible working model for implementing telepathology with minimum upfront investment. By utilizing TELEPath®, pathologists can significantly enhance their working flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency, thereby offering improved telepathology services. This groundbreaking solution has the potential to bridge the gap in expert opinions, benefiting both urban and rural areas as well as advanced and emerging economies.

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On-Demand TELEPath® Solution Provides :

  • 15-480 slides high resolution scanners
  • Subscription-based image management system with in-built telepathology functionality
  • Scalable storage infrastructure on a private cloud

Benefits of On-Demand TELEPath® :

  • Requires minimal upfront investment and capital outlays, making it cost-effective.
  • Frees you from technological and operational burdens, allowing you to focus on core work areas
  • Offers easy scalability and integration with your existing ecosystem for seamless implementation and expansion.
  • Augments efficient workflows for multi-site collaboration, anytime & anywhere access
  • Allows integrated real-time remote connectivity for expert opinions
  • Facilitates market expansion and increased accessibility, leading to potential profit growth and reduced operational costs, benefiting both the provider and customers.
  • Eliminates logistics challenges, saving time typically spent on cross visits and sample shipments,