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Elevate Productivity with
the OS-Lite Brightfield Slide Scanner

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OS-Lite Brightfield Scanners are designed to empower labs with unparalleled scanning efficiency, enabling complete workflow digitization.

OS-Lite Scanner

OS-Lite Brightfield Scanners, featuring a compact design and a capacity for 15 slides, deliver efficient and precise scanning, ideal for streamlining your pathology workflow. OS-Lite Brightfield Scanners are cloud-enabled to provide ultimate flexibility for storing, archiving and managing digital images and metadata. These compact scanners feature a small footprint and lightweight design, making them ideal for small workspaces, without compromising on delivering high-resolution whole slide images. Additionally, they come equipped with OptraSCAN's software solutions, including IMAGEPath® for viewing, storing, and archiving images, and TELEPath® for real-time, remote consultations, providing a comprehensive digital pathology solution.

Histopathology Brightfield Slide Scanner

Features of OS-Lite Scanner

  • Experience streamlined versatility in your pathology lab with OS-lite low-capacity 15 slide scanner.
  • OS-lite offers automated tissue detection, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in digital pathology.
  • Experience lightning-fast scanning capabilities with OS-lite: Scan a 15 x 15 mm tissue area in just 40 seconds at 20x magnification or 90 seconds at 40x magnification.
  • Zoom in with precision and clarity: OS-lite offers magnification options of 20x or 40x, providing unparalleled detail and accuracy for your digital pathology needs.
  • Seamless integration, effortless setup: Experience the ease of installation with OS-lite, ensuring a robust and hassle-free transition to enhanced digital pathology solutions.
  • Experience seamless image management with our integrated IMAGEPath system, designed for viewing, storing, and archiving digital images.
  • Unlock unparalleled clarity and detail with our patented composite imaging technology as well as standard Z-stacking capabilities for enhanced depth of field and three-dimensional imaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner is designed to quickly and accurately scan biological samples slides using brightfield microscopy.

The OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner can scan a variety of samples including histological tissue sections, cytological samples, and blood smears. It is used for detailed analysis in medical and research laboratories.

Yes, the OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner supports histopathology imaging, allowing for detailed analysis of tissue samples.

The OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner streamlines histopathology workflows by providing rapid, high-resolution digital imaging of tissue samples, enabling efficient analysis and remote collaboration.

The OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner ensures high-quality imaging results for both tissue and cell samples through its advanced optics and automated focus adjustments, delivering clear, detailed images consistently.

The OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner is ideal for cytology applications due to its high-resolution imaging, precise autofocus capabilities and extended depth of field to provide composite image, and rapid scanning speed. Additionally, it offers efficient slide handling and integration with image analysis software, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of cytological examinations.

Yes, the OS-Lite Brightfield Scanner can integrate digital histopathology and cytology imaging in a single workflow.

Using a histology slide scanner offers benefits such as high-resolution digital images for detailed analysis, faster turnaround times, and the ability to easily share and archive slides electronically for remote consultations and educational purposes.