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Transforming Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and
Treatment with Advanced Biomarker Analytics


OptraScan's Prostate Cancer Biomarker Analysis utilizes innovative digital pathology solutions to evaluate key biomarkers, offering crucial insights for accurate prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our digital histopathology tools provide precise and reliable analysis, aiding informed decision-making in prostate cancer management.

The Visual Gleason Grading system is a powerful prognostic tool for prostate cancer, but traditional histological assessments can be time-consuming and lack reproducibility. To overcome these challenges, OptraScan has introduced a deep learning approach for automated Gleason grading on H&E-stained digital images. Leveraging advanced digital pathology AI, this method ensures objective, efficient, and reproducible results.

Key Features

Automated Algorithm:

  • Precision Evaluation: Our advanced algorithm automates evaluation and scoring for both regions of interest and whole slide imaging, reducing manual intervention.
  • Reliable Results: Ensuring accurate and consistent assessment of prostate cancer biomarkers is essential for effective diagnosis and treatment planning.

Comprehensive Score Generation:

  • Detailed Analysis: Providing accurate Gleason Scoring.

Integrated Image Acquisition:

  • Automated Evaluation: The solution integrates image acquisition with automated evaluation, ensuring the accurate identification of cancerous cells using a Computer Aided Region Detection system based on Artificial Neural Networks.

User-Friendly Reporting:

  • Case Management: The reporting module includes robust case management features, making it easy to track, document, and review analytical results.

Why Choose OptraScan?

OptraScan’s patented Prostate Cancer Biomarker Analysis offers advanced and reliable interpretation of key biomarkers, delivering comprehensive assessments for improved clinical outcomes. By evaluating biomarker expression using a fully automated and objective algorithm, our digital slide scanner solution minimizes human error and enhances the reliability of results. This aids in personalized treatment strategies, ensuring each patient receives the most effective and tailored care.