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OptraScan’s Interactive Pathology E-Learning Platform

For Digitizing Pathology Education

OptraSCAN's E-Learning solution is a cloud-based platform specifically developed for teaching histology and pathology. It offers a dedicated solution that focuses on remote education, enabling effective learning of pathology course material.

The role-based platform provided by OptraSCAN allows educators to upload whole slide images scanned from OptraSCAN scanners and effortlessly share them with an unlimited number of students. This allows students to conveniently access slides, annotations, notes, and course materials from any location and device, enhancing remote learning capabilities.

The E-learning platform also provides students with the valuable opportunity to receive expert guidance and support from a diverse pool of over 100 world-renowned histopathologists and cytopathologists. Through the platform, students can easily schedule teleconsultation sessions with these experts, allowing them to seek advice and assistance with just a click, further enriching their learning experience.

The platform allows educators to conduct assessments to evaluate pre and post-test performance of the students.

Benefits Of OptraSCAN’s Interactive
E-Learning Platform for pathologists

For Educators

  • Precision scanning and high-quality images
  • Facilitates addition of new clinical case studies
  • Create interactive course material for students
  • Conduct assessments and evaluate effectiveness of course material

For Students

  • View and analyze high-quality images anywhere from any device
  • Easy access to interactive course material
  • Annotate and add notes to your own images
  • Seek guidance from over 100 world renowned pathologists

Guest Pathologists

  • Global pool of Histopathology and Cytopathology experts
  • Gain access to the best expertise and guidance

Why Choose OptraSCAN E-Learning Platform