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OS-FLi Fluorescence & Brightfield Scanner

Cloud-Enabled Fluorescence & Brightfield Scanner With 15-Slide Capacity

OptraSCAN® OS-FLi Fluorescence & Brightfield Scanners are cloud enabled desktop scanners, capable of scanning up to 15 slides. These scanners are well-equipped for fluorescence & brightfield scanning and offers high resolution imaging. OS-FLi scanners are accompanied by IMAGEPath®, the Image Management System apt for viewing, storing, and archiving as well as TELEPath®, Telepathology software used for real-time, remote consultations.


  • Cloud-based 15 slides fluorescence scanning
  • 20x or 40x magnification
  • 14 filter cube slots (OMF mount) and 1 slot for brightfield
  • Dual Modality: Fluorescence and Brightfield

OS-FLi Fluorescence & Brightfield Scanner with FISH Application

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