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CytoSiA – To Advance Cytology Screening Through Unmatched Image Quality And Artificial Intelligence Based Image Analysis Solution

Cervical cancer is the second most common gynecologic cancer worldwide. This cancer, unlike the others, does not show any symptoms in its early stage, resulting in increased mortality among women. Cervical cancer can be prevented if effective screening measures are set up. Manual analysis of cytology specimens is extremely tedious, time-consuming and prone to human error, thereby generating the need for computer-assisted tools.OptraSCAN’s CytoSiA offers a plethora of features, in order to effectively screen liquid-based cytology slides, and pap smears to differentiate between normal and abnormal cervical cells. In addition to the cells, infections could be further categorized as reactive, endometrial, actinomyces, candida, clue cells, trichomonas vaginalis, and herpes. It also helps in the identification of entities including blood.

The complex multilayer distribution of cells requires multi-layer/multiplanar scanning – a critical component for morphologic analysis for cytopathologists.Conventional scan routines within a narrow focal range has limitations for Cytology smear slides, as cytology slides have three-dimensional cell groups. This complex multilayer distribution of cells requires multi-layer/multiplanar scanning – a critical component for morphologic analysis for cytopathologists. OptraSCAN’s volume scan routine provides a dual mode for scanning and viewing cytology smears; Z – stacking and extended depth focusing algorithm.

Z-Stacking Technology:

A stack of images is generated at different focal planes along the z- axis. The viewing software enables the user to navigate, zoom up and down the different planes to detect the three-dimensional regions in focus.

Extended Depth Of Field:

Volume scan using z-stacks is expensive in terms of scan time and size due to its multilayer nature. OptraSCAN’s extended depth of field algorithm generates a single, entirely focused composite image to effectively, easily and systematically screen an entire image.


  • Relatively smaller file size than multiplane images.
  • Quicker to acquire.
  • Effective and easy navigation for accurate interpretation, sharing and archiving.

Features Of Optrascan’s Volume Scanning Technology:

  • Fully automated multilayer scanning at different focal depths.
  • Automated and User configurable focal intervals for Z stacking
  • Ideal for Rapid On-site evaluation for adequacy of cytology samples (Rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE)
  • Automated computation of sample adequacy for the whole slide cytology image
  • Identification of abnormal cells and other entities based on morphological features and AI based classification
  • Identification of reactive, endometrial, actinomyces, candida, clue cells, trichomonas vaginalis, and herpes entities
  • dentification of entities including blood, inflammation, and lubricant

CytoSiA for rapid yet affordable scanning and analyzing of liquid-based cytology slides and pap-smears. It is a complete solution consisting of OptraSCAN’s digital pathology scanner, storage, and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assist pathologists and cytotechnologists in screening and detection of cervical cancer, pre-cancerous lesions, atypical cells, and all other cytologic categories. Multiple hospitals and pathology laboratories globally have already installed CytoSiA and are witnessing improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and productivity needed to cope with the ever-increasing demand of cytology cases.

About OptraSCAN:

OptraSCAN is a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pathology solutions, empowering healthcare institutions to transition from traditional glass slides to digitized images for improved diagnostics, research, and education. OptraSCAN's innovative technology, including high- speed whole slide scanners, image analysis software, and data management tools, enables pathologists to make more accurate and timely diagnosis. For more information about OptraSCAN, Contact us at - please visit -