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Digital Lab-as-a-Service – a convenient way to adopt digital pathology systems

Many healthcare organizations across the globe today are shifting towards digitizing the age-old practice of scanning and viewing glass slides through microscopes. They have realized the potential of digital pathology and digitization of slides that has a direct impact in productivity and efficiency gain. There’s no doubt that digital pathology is bringing a paradigm shift in the way we look at pathology. It is widely regarded for providing accurate cancer diagnosis and bringing the pathology community closer.

However, many organizations are compelled to rely on the conventional microscopy. This could be due to various economic and social factors, ranging from financial constraints to limited internal resources to deploying and managing the system itself!

Although the above-mentioned reasons are inevitable, they should not deter an organization or the pathologists from adopting digital pathology. There are many ways organizations can implement digital scanners as well as avail easy scanning of whole tissue slides in their eco-system, without spending a single buck, upfront!

Digital Lab-as-a-Service (DLaaS) solution:

Digital Lab-as-a-Service is one-of-a-kind solution; wherein Digital Pathology Systems help the pathology labs, hospitals or any healthcare providers to take advantage of digital pathology benefits. Digital Pathology Systems provider will set up a digital infrastructure including whole slide scanners, software, storage servers, etc. within the hospital or lab. Customers will thus pay per scanned slide towards operational expenses post scanning of slides.

Economical Digital pathology scanner offers numerous benefits, such as

  • Allows the hospitals/labs to focus on their core areas of working without any technological and operational burdens
  • No capital investment needed for purchasing the scanner, software, servers, network, security, and so on
  • No change in infrastructure of their existing eco-system
  • IT support is usually rendered by the service provider’s expert technical team
  • Clear and analyzed images helps to provide accurate diagnosis of the tissue slides
  • Helps leverage lab set-up that involves frameworks, technical expertise, etc.
  • Competitive pricing model

Who all can avail Digital Lab-as-a-Service (DLaaS) solution?

Any healthcare organization or healthcare provider can avail the DLaaS, irrespective of their economical condition. However, at a broader level, following could be the benefitting organizations:

  • Laboratories
  • Cancer research organizations
  • Pharmaceutical / biotech firms
  • Universities or educational institutes

About OptraSCAN:

OptraSCAN is a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pathology solutions, empowering healthcare institutions to transition from traditional glass slides to digitized images for improved diagnostics, research, and education. OptraSCAN's innovative technology, including high- speed whole slide scanners, image analysis software, and data management tools, enables pathologists to make more accurate and timely diagnosis. For more information about OptraSCAN, Contact us at - please visit -