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OptraSCAN Is Disrupting the Digital Pathology Space with Ultra-Fast Scanners

OptraSCAN’s latest addition OS-Ultra modes are designed to assist pathologist to scan images of Immunohistochemistry, HnE and cytology slides in less than 60 seconds.

​OS-Ultra is a high-speed whole slide digital pathology scanner that scans tissues/cells of size 15×15 mm area at 40x equivalent in less than 60 seconds. OS-Ultra features a unique no-touch slide loading mechanism to diminish workflow errors and produce high-resolution images. The high-speed scanner comes with solutions – IMAGEPath®, the Image Management System apt for viewing, storing and archiving and TELEPath®, Telepathology software used for real-time, and remote consultations.

OS-Ultra digital pathology scanner is equipped with integrated workflow designed to meet the needs of high-volume laboratories. With OS-Ultra digital pathology scanners pathologists can scan, analyze, store, share and consult with remote pathologists across the globe.

​The entire workflow is designed in such a manner that with one click a pathologist or a technician can achieve high resolution image within seconds. OS-Ultra high-speed whole slide scanners is created with the help of pathologists, for pathologists.

​OptraSCAN OS-Ultra intends to increase the efficiency and productivity of laboratory workflow.

OptraSCAN solutions are open and scalable that allows pathologists to implement digital pathology solutions without any technical bottlenecks. The solutions can be easily interfaced with various Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

OS-Ultra technical specifications:

  • Continuous Slide Loading: Intuitive interface with fully automated walk-away acquisition
  • Light Source: LED
  • Focusing Technique: Real-Time Auto Focus
  • File Format: JPEG2000, TIFF ability to convert file formats
  • Slide Formats: Standard 25x75mm (1″x3″) slides, 50x75mm (2″x3″) slides
  • Slide Tolerances: Length: +- 1mm, Width: +- 1mm, Thickness +- 0.2mm
  • Resolution: 0.25 m /pixel
  • Workflow Software application
  • TELEPath application
  • Image analysis suite for Breast, Prostate, Brain, Renal and Lung (IHC and H&E)
  • Image analysis solution for cytology slides

About OptraSCAN:

OptraSCAN is a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pathology solutions, empowering healthcare institutions to transition from traditional glass slides to digitized images for improved diagnostics, research, and education. OptraSCAN's innovative technology, including high- speed whole slide scanners, image analysis software, and data management tools, enables pathologists to make more accurate and timely diagnosis. For more information about OptraSCAN, Contact us at - please visit -