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Chief Product Officer

Devika Gholap is an accomplished professional with over 5 years of experience in the medical devices field. Currently serving as the Director of Corporate Development at OptraScan, Devika plays a pivotal role in driving strategic growth initiatives. Prior to joining OptraScan, Devika honed her financial acumen as a Venture Capital Investment Associate at Casdin Capital, fueling innovation and transformative solutions within the healthcare sector. Her tenure as a Healthcare Investment Analyst at Catalyst Health Ventures further solidified her insights into the intersection of healthcare and investments.

Her passion for innovation and business acumen were honed during her time as a Senior Product Manager at Becton Dickinson, where she played a crucial role in product development and management. Prior to this, Devika distinguished herself as a Product Analyst at Medtronic, contributing her expertise to the enhancement of cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Devika holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she further refined her strategic thinking and leadership skills. Her foundation in Biomedical Engineering, acquired through her Bachelors from Boston University, provides her with a unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen. Throughout her career, Devika has consistently demonstrated a knack for translating complex ideas into actionable strategies, driving success in dynamic and competitive industries.