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OptraSCAN® is eliminating the barriers to adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab's throughput or location. Our affordable and easy to implement solutions will maximize your return on investment. OptraSCAN will be a partner to help improve the performance of your pathology services.

OptraSCAN is a perfect tool for transitioning from conventional microscopy to digital pathology for effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, archiving, real time-sharing, and reporting via various pricing models.

Our small footprint, low and high throughput scanners are lightweight and easily fit into small workspaces.

About Us

OptraSCAN is the brainchild of Abhi Gholap, and it originated with a mission to make digital pathology accessible through an affordable and socially responsible business model.

OptraSCAN On-Demand Digital Pathology® is an affordable, unique model that allows research and clinical users to choose the options they need, and only pay for what they use.

OptraSCAN is improving patient outcomes with its intelligent solutions and transforming conventional pathology practices.

What Are the Advantages of OptraScan’s Digital Pathology?

Provides the pathologist community much-needed flexible working model with minimum upfront investment

Allows users to focus on their core areas of working without any technological and operational burdens

Promotes easy scalability & integration within the user’s existing eco-system

Augments efficient workflows for multi-site collaboration, anytime & anywhere access

Enables integrated real-time remote connectivity for expert opinions & consultations

Offers great opportunities for education, research and supervision opine

Key Features
Digital Pathology Solutions-OptraSCAN Inc

Solutions Designed to Efficiently Manage Your Lab Workflow and Augment its Productivity


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